Transformation Opportunities at I AM

I AM offers experiential classes designed to assist people in becoming aware of those things that keep up from
living from our Truer Self.  From this awareness, students learn that acceptance leads to more freedom and peace.

Students also learn how to quiet their minds, discover what is happening within them at a deeper level, and understand
their often unconscious motivations. By this awareness, students can relax those things that are impeding their growth.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Please note: These are NOT drop in classes. The material builds and it is important that you make a commitment to attend regularly.

Workshop Offerings

Cultivating Mindful Living

Embracing a Deeper You – shadow work

Enneagram – seeing yourself for who you really are

Grief class – healing through grief

Growing Older Consciously

How Our Fears Keep Us Small – ego and fears

Releasing Your Religious False Self

The Inner Story – becoming aware

The Gift of Anger

Taking Prayer Out of the Box


What You Bring to Relationships

Retreats – Day or Weekend

Wonder of Winter

Wisdom of the Garden


Mindful Day Retreat

New Year’s Day Reflection Morning retreat

A Contemplative Morning with Poetry

Topics determined by need