Our Team Members

Dr. Barbara Morris
Dr. Barbara MorrisSpiritual Director
Class Facilitator, Spiritual Director, Workshop Presenter, Curriculum Development

I am a doctoral level Clinical Psychologist, a trained Spiritual Director, Life Coach, and taught classes at the college level. Are these things important? Yes, to some degree because they bring a unique skill set and knowledge. But most of all, I bring a love for God, a desire for a continuing deeper relationship with God, a listening, open heart, and a desire to come alongside others in their spiritual journey to grow in their relationship with God. My passion is to help others deepen their awareness of their Truer Self which enables and opens up space for a deeper relationship with God.

I am co-founder of Increasing Awareness Movement (I AM) and the current Executive Director of I AM. I teach classes, present workshops and retreats, provide individual spiritual direction, and write curriculum for I AM programs. All of my gifts help me express a unique expertise in assisting others in going deeper with their faith by encouraging questions and wonderings. I am certified in the use of the Enneagram and have experienced its life-changing impact in my life. I seek to be in the moment, and enjoy a contemplative way of living life.

Kristie Mc Cormick
Kristie Mc CormickSpiritual Director
Class Facilitator, Spiritual Director, Workshop Presenter, Fund Raising

Kristie is a founding member of the I AM Board of Directors. She teaches classes, offers individual spiritual direction, and helps facilitate spiritual retreats.

She is a graduate of the Dominican Center for Religious Development. Kristie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Maryland School of Law.

Kristie has over twenty years of ministry experience, working in inner-city ministry, leading small groups, and starting new ministries. She started a women’s ecumenical Bible study that grew to 100 women from 10 different churches, and helped start a large non-denominational church in Birmingham, MI, where she lives.

Kristie also has experience in overseas missions, recently serving in an orphanage in India and teaching in their seminary. Kristie is married to Mike and has three children. Kristie loves accompanying people on their spiritual journeys using her gifts of spiritual direction and teaching.

She brings to her directees practices that help them discern God’s presence in their life enabling them to experience God’s healing love. She is passionate about working with people whose faith grows beyond easy answers and who are interested in deep transformational work. Kristie has experienced the transformational power of the Enneagram and is certifying in the Narrative Tradition so she can use it as a tool in her classes and practice.

Janet Pasco
Janet PascoClass Facilitator
After 4 years of training and mentorship, under Barbara Morris and the Increasing Awareness Movement teachings, Janet Pasco became a facilitator for Increasing Awareness. She is entering her third year as a class facilitator.

She has spent the last 30 years as an avid student of personal growth and spiritual growth. Her experience includes over 20 years small group leadership under Empowerment Seminars and Kensington Church. Through these experiences, she learned the value of structured small group sharing and creating safe places for people to grow and share.

In 2016, Janet joined the I Am Board of Directors and became Treasurer of the organization. Her background as a commercial banker made her ideally suited for this role. She brings 34 years of financial expertise to her role. She is a graduate of MSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance.