We believe all of life is a spiritual journey experienced in our human bodies.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a one-to-one relationship between a Director and a Directee. These terms unfortunately are somewhat misleading
because it is less directing than what we call “holy listening.” Having a Spiritual Director allows you to be seen and known, accepted, challenged, prayed for, and encouraged. You will be drawn closer to God by having your director listen to you and ask questions to help you gain perspective.

Spiritual Direction is usually a once a month service to individuals desiring increased awareness.

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What is a Spiritual Director?

You might think of me as a wise companion who will walk with you on a journey of discovery and growth. I will offer both guidance and support. The spiritual journey is long and hazardous at times. In this, as in most human matters, it is not good to be a solo traveler. Alone we can so easily get caught up in the tangle of our own minds where we keep thinking the “same old, same old” without reaching any conclusions, missing new perspectives in the situation, and imagining things that are not there. I will help you sort out life, give you feedback, and possibly offer another perspective to consider. I may point you to resources. I will care about you, encourage you, and, as best I can, help you find what you seek – more of God.

Your Spiritual Director will help you:

  • learn to be attentive to God’s grace and love
  • accept our humanness

  • put words and value to your experiences
  • notice your spiritual growth
  • recognize obstacles to God’s movement in your life
  • with discernment and making decisions
  • pay attention to your true self
  • draw closer to God
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