I AM seeks to come alongside others to help them wonder about life’s deepest questions.

I AM teaches mindful living and helps participants become increasingly more aware
of their true self by exposing the barriers that get in the way of living in the moment.

Mission Statement

I AM seeks to embrace people on their journey to deeply discovering themselves by
encouraging openness, quieting one’s mind, awareness, mindfulness and wonder.


I AM creates an open, safe environment to discuss where people can be honest
about the struggles in their lives and explore their often unspoken questions.

A variety of experiential experiences are offered for seekers to explore their own answers.


We teach: meditation, being present to the moment, self-examination and discovering
one’s deepest motivations through the use of the enneagram.  We also teach the
practices of silence and solitude as well as how grief work can be freeing.

These practices are taught within the context of transformation classes,
relevant workshops, individual spiritual direction and retreats.

Transformation Classes